Membership Benefits for Artists

The benefits explained and what we can do for you…

THE INTERNET IS A POWERFUL TOOL with over 50,000 hits recorded this year on our (SEO) search engine optimised website, membership with MRROS offers all artists (emerging and established) the opportunity to expand their reach to a large art targeted audience.

  • Annual Membership includes your own website profile page on the  MRROS website
  • MRROS will create your online profile to promote your story, your artwork images, links to contact you, links to all your social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Videos etc.
  • As part of the MRROS membership registration process we will upload  3 examples of artwork that represent your art practice to your online website profile page  Extra artwork images (maximum 6 images per profile) can easily be uploaded with your Members login. You will also be able to refresh your gallery profile art images at your own convenience.
  • If we get noticed then you get noticed on our website. Our website offers year round promotion through engaging user website experience, clean website design, organic website traffic, online visitor retention, strong brand image and mobile device compatibility.
  • Social Media Platform benefits… so you just created a new artwork and want to  celebrate by sharing it with the world. As a MRROS member, you can promote your art further by posting your art images directly onto the MRROS Facebook page to get a far better reach


In collaboration with MRROS, M&P Publishing has launched it’s first book – Artists of the Margaret River Region. Written by award-winning writers Carmen Jenner and Gabi Mills, the book features over 70 artists living and working in the Margaret River Region, with photography by Elements of Margaret River. MRROS membership entitles you to participate in future editions of this art book, and each artist who is featured in the book is entitled to 10 free copies of the book as well as a selection of images from the shoot by Elements for their own use.


  • Membership includes automatic sign up to the MRROS Monthly e-newsletter offering artists up to  date Arts and Culture information and official MRROS communications.
  • We offer an experienced organisational structure with links to similar organisations and external consultants.


As a member of MRROS you are eligible to participate in the Margaret River Region Open Studio Events where you have the opportunity to promote and sell your art. The annual Margaret River Region Open Studio Event has grown into a destination art event with a steady 22% growth in numbers each year. The 2016 annual Open Studio event attracted 30,000 art loving visitors and it is the best marketing opportunity for artists.

Sign up for MRROS membership now and enjoy the many benefits membership can offer you.

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Event Benefits

Open to MRROS members only


In addition to all Member Benefits, participating Event Artists will be promoted by MRROS through it’s 25,000 printed Event Catalogues, the Margaret River Region Open Studio website, social media campaigns, PR and marketing.


  • Event Artists contact details
  • Event Artists artistic profile
  • Event Artists featured artwork
  • Event maps listing the open studio for each Event Artist
  • Event calendar listing Studio open days and times for each Event Artist


  • Individual artists website profile page
  • Artworks featured online
  • Online artist, venue and category search.
  • Links to your own website if you have one. If not we can put you in touch with someone who can help you get one
  • Links to your own social media platforms eg: facebook, instagram
  • Links back to commercial gallery representation in the region
  • Online Open Studio Advice Guide
  • Online Event Participation information
  • Free downloadable Event Catalogue
  • Offers website mobile response design and capability. The Internet is no longer solely browsed on a desktop computer or lap top. Mobile devices (i.e., smart phones and tablets) are being used by millions of people to access the web. The MRROS website is optimised for these mobile devices, i.e. the website looks great and is user friendly on all devices.
  • All of the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP benefits